Outing at Fort St. Angelo

On a warm sunny November day, a group of our students who are carrying out a Maintenance Programme, had a very pleasant outing in the beautiful Fort St. Angelo, situated in Birgu. The mentioned outing was organized by ourselves and the very professional staff at Heritage Malta, including Ms Jennifer Bugeja and actor Mr A. Fenech who delivered a highly interesting activity which focused on communication and concentration skills.

The aim of the outing was to reinforce the skills being drilled upon during our sessions in the Learning Support Zone, and appreciate our rich history at the same time. We proudly believe that several learning outcomes were achieved during this outing. These included demonstrating respect and friendship towards peers and adults through establishing positive relationships with both, enhancing the students’ self-esteem whilst being motivated to participate in higher order thinking, practicing social skills necessary for real world situations and experiences, viewing situations from another’s perspectives and valuing their strengths and abilities through receiving praise for their efforts.

Ms D. Ferrante and Ms S. Galea
Learning Zone