Our patron saint

Ġorġ Preca was born in Valletta, Malta, on 12 February 1880. He was the seventh of nine children. Early in his childhood, his family moved to Ħamrun, where he started serving Mass as an altar boy. Preca studied at the Lyceum, considered the pre-eminent secondary school in the island. Preca then entered seminary, where he excelled, especially in Latin. He was eventually ordained a deacon. However, he was subsequently diagnosed as suffering from lung failure. The prognosis was not good, and he was even discouraged from buying vestments or a missal in preparation for the priesthood. However, he made remarkable recovery, and was ordained on 22 December 1906. Preca attributed his cure to the intercession of Saint Joseph, and even joked later in his life that “My father has died, the professor has died and I, with just one lung, am still alive to teach people!”

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