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The Code of Discipline

Dear students and parents/guardians,

In this booklet, you will find guidelines with regards to the expected behaviour by students attending the Secondary School in Blata l-Bajda, San Gorg Preca College. These guidelines aim to give students an education built on the basic value of RESPECT.

Sections from these guidelines discuss the uniform and the way it should be worn. This may seem irrelevant for some and you may ask “ Won’t I still be learning, however, I wear my uniform?” This may be true, but as students, you represent our school and the uniform identifies this and you should be proud of it. In this booklet, we also discuss what is expected of you during lessons and activities. Last but not least, these guidelines clearly state which objects are not permitted in school. All this is done in order for your students to receive the best possible education.

We are convinced that we have the full cooperation and support of the parents/guardians and that you shall do your best to see that your children adhere to the guidelines. Our common aim is one – that we want to instil into your children sound values for them to grow into responsible citizens in the future.

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Kodiċi ta’ Mġiba_Malti_2022-2023

The School Uniform

The Winter Uniform

  • Tracksuit bottoms (number 5)
  • Tracksuit jacket (number 4)
  • Long-sleeved polo shirt (number 2)
  • Winter jacket (number 7)
  • Cap (number 9)

The Summer Uniform

  • Chino trousers (number 8)
  • Short-sleeved polo shirt (number 1)
  • PE shirt [to be worn only when students have a PE lesson] (number 3)
  • PE shorts, to be worn under the chinos. Shorts may not be worn from home, but are put on only for the PE lesson (number 6)
  • Cap (number 9)

The various items are to be marked with the student’s name and surname.

  • The uniform should be worn with pride and always be clean, with no tears or scribbling of any sort. It is suggested that each student should have more than one tracksuit.
  • Parents/guardians will be asked to collect their children from school if the student is noted not wearing their tracksuit. The school reserves the right to take other disciplinary measures as needed.

Visitors’ Dress Code

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