SGPC Youth Club – Come Join US!

As from this year, the SGPC Youth Club has open its doors to every form 1 student within San Gorg Preca College. Since we started last November we have formed a lovely team of 21 students. We meet every Wednesday after school from 3pm till 4.15pm near Block B within the school premises. This youth club is coordinated by the College Youth Worker with the help of the psycho-social team of the college. The sessions are all fun activities through which student learn and develop their skills.The activities are varied and focus on sports, art, crafts, discussions, drama, and much much more. Whoever is a form 1 student and wishes to be part of this lovely group can ask for an application form from the school guidance teachers, have it signed by the parents and then they can start attending. Don’t miss the opportunity to make new friends whilst learning new things through fun activities. Try it out!

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