World Book Day

World book day is celebrated on the 23rd of April every year. It is an occasion to promote books and reading.

Why is reading important?

Among the reasons why students should read regularly we find that reading:

  • stimulates their imagination,
  • helps them develop language skills,
  • expands their knowledge, and
  • improves their performance at school.

Library Week Competitions

At our school we organised two competitions to celebrate World Book Day; the students were asked to:

  • write a story of around 200 words, or
  • design a book mark.

These competitions were promoted on the school digital displays, the school website and on the school Facebook page. Thanks to the encouragement of their language and art teachers a good number of students participated.

World Book Day

The students submitted interesting stories and cute bookmarks. All the work handed in by the students was placed on display.

Prizes were awarded to the best three entries in each category and all the participants were presented with a certificate.

The Librarians