Why is German 4U?


Why is German 4U? 



German is the most widely   spoken language in Europe and in the world 100 million people communicate in   German. German is spoken in Germany, in Switzerland, in Austria and  in Liechtenstein.


Germany has the third   strongest economy in the world. Germany is the No 1 export nation in the   world.  So you will improve your   employment opportunities if you know German.


Knowing German   creates business opportunities.  In   Malta there are many German companies like in the aviation, banking, online   gaming and pharmaceutical sectors.


Germans are innovators.  They are on the frontline of new   technologies.


Germans travel a lot and so   there are a  lot of German tourists   coming to Malta.  The hotel industry   in  Malta is all the time looking for   German speaking workers.


Germany is a wonderful   country and many Maltese families travel to Germany to spend their holidays   there.  Germany offers something for   everyone’s taste.  One can choose   between different scenarios.  There are   the mountains, the forests, the sea and the cities. Although many Germans   speak English, knowing German helps you get around more easily.


German   is a leading language of science, literature, art, philosophy and  history. Learn German and get to know one   of the most important cultures in Europe.


Germany   awards a generous number of scholarships and other support to study in   Germany.


A   wide range of exchange programmes exists for both school and university   students between Germany and many countries in the world, among them Malta.


There   are about 8 million German internet domains.    This makes German one of the most used languages on the  internet.