Visit to l-Arka’ ta’ Noè

On Monday 13th May we went on an outing to l-Arka ta’ Noè with Ms Jameson, our English teacher. This is a wildlife park in the limits of Siggiewi. Just entering the gate was amazing. It was like we just knew we were going to have a bunch of fun, and we did!

First, we put our bags on the table and then we set off to explore. We saw rabbits, birds, ferrets, a donkey, monkeys (called Ginger, Georgina and Mojo), tigers, panthers, zebras, llamas and kangaroos. Our guide told us the names of the animals and all about their habitats.

We fed the monkeys by giving them peanuts. Park attendants fed chickens to the Tigers.

Some of us explored on our own. The first thing that caught Artas’ eye, for example, was the baby owl because it was so cute! It was white and brown and covered in feathers. We also met 2 Macaws called Rosie and Bob. We discovered that Macaw females are bigger than male ones.

We stayed there for about five hours. We returned tired but happy at school.

Gerome Galea (110),
Artas Zeeshan (109),
Yan Farrugia