Trekking, Swimming and Sports Photography session

On the 28th of May, 2018 a group of students in Year 7 and Year 8 participated in an Outdoor Education activity organised by the Physical Education Department. The day initiated by a trek from Xgħajra to M’Scala. The trek involved a variety of terrains ranging from paved roads, garigue, pebbled surfaces and more challenging, uneven rocky Lower Coralline Limestone slabs. Being a relatively hot day, made the trek more intensive, yet students enjoyed this walk in the countryside close to the coastline.

The day proceeded with a swimming session at a nearby indoor pool. Here students enjoyed being physically active. For some, this was a completely unfamiliar setting. This swimming session turned out to be very successful, as it offered the opportunity for students to challenge their capabilities, to build their self-confidence, to learn basic safety concepts together with swimming skills which might turn to be very useful further on in life.

This educational outing progressed with a recreational activity incorporated with a sports photography lesson held at the Family Park at M’Scala. In time, students will surely look back and treasure this day as part of their positive mental and heartfelt photographic album, full of memories of their respective experiences at our school.

Ms. L. Camilleri
PE Teacher