Transport Service during Half Yearly Examination Period

The following is the transport schedule that will apply during the Half Yearly Examination Period. Please note that the following special circumstances apply during this period:

  • No transport will be provided to students who have oral examinations. For these examinations, students are to come to school in time for their appointment and leave soon after.
  • Students who do not have an exam during the second session on a particular day may be allowed to leave soon after the first session if they have a signed note from their parents/carers.
Day Form 1 & 2 Form 3, 4 & 5
Thursday –  11th Feb No Transport No Transport
Friday 12th Feb 12.30 12.45
Monday 15th Feb 12.30 12.45
Tuesday 16th Feb 12.30 12.45
Wednesday 17th Feb 12.30 12.45
Thursday 18th Feb 10.30 12.45
Friday 19th Feb 12.30 10.30
Monday 22nd Feb No Transport 12.45
Tuesday 23rd Feb No Transport No Transport
Wed 24th Feb No Transport No Transport