The Little Prince – Prize Day 2012

The Little Prince

“… a matter of such great consequence!”


The Little Prince byAntoine De Saint-Exupéry is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful stories I have ever read and which, over the years, has progressively become dearer to me. It is a wonderful and fantastic dream-world over which one may soar enjoyably or into which one may delve deeply with introspective analysis. All the production-team team and the participating students have immediately understood this and were ready to get involved in it and free that childhood enthusiasm within.

Indeed, the main theme of the story is children and grown-ups (who were once children but have forgotten that). It has also got to do with learning, meeting people, getting to know them and trying to understand them! You may decide to what extent has this got to do with school!

We also aimed at broadening the scope of the concept of participation with a reordering of who is who on the stage. Backstage crew are become not only as important as the acting crew but get to share the same spotlight at equally important instances and equally frequent intervals. Our aim is the push forward towards a more holistic view of the production processes. It takes more than actors, dancers and singers to make a production. For this reason, we would like to see more poets, song-writers, crafts persons, choreographers, fashion designers and technicians showing their interest in applying for this annual event. In this way teachers may dedicate themselves more fully to direction.

Albert Garzia


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