Sports Day 2018

On the 17th of April 2018, the Physical Education department organised a Sports Day for all the students at our school. The theme was ‘Sport – a means of friendship amongst nations.’ The opening ceremony commenced with a march by students who acted as flag bearers. The eighteen flags represented all the different nationalities our students come from, together with the seven different languages learnt at our school. The traditional run with the lit torch followed. The opening ceremony ended with the Maltese national anthem, whereby students were reminded that even though one should be tolerant towards diversity, one should not forget one’s roots.

A Zumba warm-up session followed, serving as a preparation before for the coming physical activities. The event proceeded with students competing, by class, at eighteen different stations. Students practised a variety of sport and/or physical competencies. A basketball and football tournament for Year 7 and Year 8 respectively was held afterwards. Students participated wholeheartedly and put a visible effort in their performance. Teamwork, together with a positive level of healthy competition, was demonstrated.

A positive atmosphere was fostered by the students through their support for one another.
The event ended with a tug of war competition amongst classes. This highly-awaited activity between students and staff members ended with neither side winning, as the rope unexpectedly decided to call it a day and snapped, causing individuals on both sides to topple over each other. On this humorous note, the Sports Day ended… for the students, that is.

That evening, work continued just like in a counting hall. The points achieved throughout the whole day were counted and recorded for each class. The next morning, the classes that placed first, second and third in both forms were announced, and students were awarded a medal portraying the College emblem. We would like to end by expressing gratitude towards all members of staff who helped out, in one way or another, to make the Sports Day a great success.


PE Department