Sixth German Film Festival at the German Maltese Circle

On the 17th of November the students from Form 1 to Form 5 learning German in our school, were invited by the German Maltese Circle in Valletta to watch a German film.  This initiative was part of the Sixth German Film Festival.  The film screened was SPUTNIK, directed by Markus Dietrich.
Synopsis of the film:
The film gives an insight into the life of people living in East Germany in November 1989, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. After he has applied for a transit visa, the uncle of 10-year-old Friederike is ordered by the authorities to leave for the West within 48 hours. The devastated girl thinks that she might never see her favourite uncle Mike again. Therefore, she and some of her friends start working on a machine which ought to “beam” her secretly across the border – just like she saw on Western television. Unfortunately, the first test run doesn’t yield the results she was hoping for: Friederike and her friends remain where they were, instead all other inhabitants of the village have apparently been “beamed” to the West. And now they are seemingly trying to get over the Wall unnoticed in order to return to their homes. With time running out, the kids have to act quickly if they want to avert a catastrophe at the border.