School Policy Documents

Good Behaviour

Clearly Defined Parameters

Simple rules are needed to ensure that all concerned are aware of behaviour that is to be encouraged and behaviour that is unacceptable and that needs to be corrected. It is the duty of students and of parents to ensure that school rules are observed at all times.

Positive Student Relations

It is the aim of the school to create and maintain a healthy school environment where all students are able to develop to the best of their potential. Mutual respect and positive relationships are keys to success in this respect and will be nurtured. In the event that members of the student population fail to engage in this mutual respect, corrective measures to ensure the safety and healthy learning environment will be taken.


All students are to wear the school uniform. Details on the school uniform are available on the school website and upon request from the school reception. False nails are considered as posing a health and safety risk and are not to be worn at school. No kind of jewellery is allowed except for earrings for girls and in this case, these are to be restricted to the pin type.

Sports Uniform

The school tracksuit and PE shorts and t-shirt may be worn to school on days in which students have their PE lesson.


Students spend a substantial amount of time in their shoes and these need to complement the uniform as well as provide good support for the feet, for this reason, ballerina shoes are not allowed. Sports shoes should be of good quality, white and are to be worn only when the tracksuit is worn.

Mobile Phones and other Equipment

The school ensures that telephony services are provided to students who have a valid reason to make phone calls. Mobile phones are not to be brought to school by students. In exceptional cases in which students need to have a mobile phone at school, they need to provide a note from the parents covering this need and deliver the note and the mobile phone to the assistant head in charge of the form.

Behaviour Monitoring System


Supervision inside and outside of the classroom is everyone’s responsibility. Parameters are published and are clear to all concerned. All members of staff have the authority to monitor and curb negative behaviour of all students, irrespective of whether they teach them or not.

Negative behaviour will earn students negative points, these are reported and stored electronically using the student information system. All reports will be retained in the system and carried forward from one year to the next. Points are incurred according to a schedule of points and are commensurate to the type of negative behaviour.


Repeated negative behaviour will require different strategies in an attempt to modify such behaviour. Consequences for negative behaviour are published and will be enacted by the end of each calendar month at the latest. Consequences may include amongst others:

•             Extra Work Related to Subject

•             Break Detention

•             After School Hours Detention

•             Temporary In-School Suspension

•             Saturday School

•             Temporary Suspension from School

•             Exclusion from Outings


Any of the above consequences may be applied to specific situations over and above the negative behaviour points accumulated.

Healthy Lifestyle


Cleanliness is of utmost importance and this is given due importance by the large majority of students and parents. Smart and clean uniforms are required. In instances where lack of physical hygiene or cleanliness of dress is noted, the parent/s or guardians will be notified and invited to school to plan a way forward with a view to improving the situation. In instances where this is not successful, the school will take necessary action with national authorities to help ensure that children receive the care that they deserve in this respect.

Healthy Diet

Parents are encouraged to provide a healthy packed lunch for their children. This should be free from excessive oil, fat, sugar and salt. Fresh fruit, packed salads and water are encouraged. The school also provides the services of a tuck shop which sells foods according to the Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan (HELP) document .  Under no circumstances will students be allowed to leave school to purchase food from outside the school premises.

Food and drink, whether brought from home or bought from the school tuck shop is to be consumed before the start of morning assembly, during the mid-morning or the mid-day break. Teachers may allow students to eat or drink in extreme circumstances (as in cases where a break was missed).

Active Lifestyle

A healthy diet needs to be accompanied by an active lifestyle and a regular physical activity outside school hours is greatly encouraged and supported by the school. Besides PE lessons, the school also provides varied opportunities for students to participate in sports activities during breaks. A list of available activities is published on the school noticeboards and on the website .

School Attendance

A daily attendance record is kept for all students. The parents or guardians of students not attending school on any particular day will receive a text message (SMS) with this information. This will be sent irrespective of whether parents have phoned to notify the absence. In this respect, parents do not need to notify absence.

All absences are to be covered by some kind of certification (medical or otherwise). In the event of illness, parents are not to send their children to school before they are well.

Travel abroad during school days is highly discouraged, however if absolutely necessary, it needs to be covered by a copy of the travel documents.

In case a student feels unwell during the school day, the school authorities will contact the parents or guardians to inform them. They may pick up the students from school personally and need to present an identification document.

School Textbooks

Textbooks are loaned to students for use during the scholastic year. These books do not become the property of the students and need to be returned when requested, normally at the end of the school year.

Textbooks are to be kept in good condition and free of writing or scribbling and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that books are not damaged in any way. Lost or damaged books will need to be replaced or paid for according to an official price list that is available from the library.

In order to ensure the availability of books for all students at the beginning of each school year, the school reserves the right to use all means at its disposal to ensure the return of textbooks. Carelessness and non-compliance to regulations in this respect are considered to be serious and will be reflected in the student’s Secondary School Certificate and Profile.

School Transport

School transport is organised centrally by the Directorate for Educational Services. Parents are encouraged to immediately inform the scool about any issues related to school transport by phoning the school or asking their son or daughter to inform their respective assistant head of school.

Students may leave the school premises at the end of the school day; however students who intend to use school transport are to wait in the purposely assigned area within the school for their bus and to proceed in an orderly fashion to board the vehicle when they are called. Students who for some reason or other leave the school premises before their transport arrives, will not be allowed to board the school transport on the day.

Students who are found to be abusing this service in any way, including misbehaving during the trip or when waiting for the bus may be banned from using school transport until such time as the school authorities deem necessary.

Parents who accompany their children to school in the morning are requested to do so in good time to ensure punctuality and to drop them off at one of the school gates and not to enter the school by car.

School Lockers

Student lockers are made available to students for a nominal annual fee of €5. This service is aimed at providing students with a convenient location to store belongings when not required. Students may wish to make a spare key available to the assistant head responsible for their form for safekeeping.

The responsibility of any belongings stored in the lockers remains with the student and the school will assume no responsibility whatsoever to claims related to missing items in students’ lockers. Students are encouraged to use a good quality padlock, to keep a spare key as well as not to share their locker with any other student/s.

In special circumstances, the school authorities may need to inspect the contents of a locker, this will be done in the presence of the respective student.

School Visits by Parents

We strongly believe that we need to work closely with the parents for the benefit of the students. Parents are always welcome to visit school to discuss progress or any concern that they may have. Unless presenting an urgent matter, parents are requested to phone school to make an appointment with the relevant person/s who would be better prepared to be of service.  Parents are to remember that smoking is not allowed anywhere within the school, including the gardens and open areas and that it is unlawful to smoke within the boundaries. When visiting school, parents are also reminded to dress appropriately.

School Outings

School outings provide a valuable opportunity to take learning outside of the classrooms and of the confines of the school. All outings organised by the school have a clear educational goal and include related activities before and after the outings. For this reason, outings are to be considered as an integral part of the school curriculum and the participation of all students is required.

Fees in connection with outings are kept to a minimum and will normally include a fee to cover transport costs. All outings are to be covered by a parental consent form which will be provided by the school and is to be signed by one of the parents or guardians.