Practical Science – A visit to the Bird Park


On the 23rd of October, the Science teachers took us to the Bird Park which is found in Qawra.  At the moment, in the science lessons we are learning about the different groups of vertebrates which are the mammals, the birds, the reptiles, the amphibians and the fish.

In this park we saw different types of birds.  We saw parrots, crows, owls, big birds like the grey heron, the stork and the beautiful flamingos.  There were also a lot of hens running around and we had lots of fun running after them.  We also took photos with an owl which was very soft.  We also had the opportunity to see the most ugly bird in the world which is known as the Marabou Stork.

Birds are warm blooded and their body covering is made up of feathers.  They have a pair of wings which help them to fly and a strong beak to eat.  They lay eggs to reproduce.

In the park we saw a lot of birds but there were other animals as well.  From the mammal group we saw goats, a donkey, a deer, some small monkeys and of course us students and the teachers.  We were very impressed by the monkeys.  The tour leader told us that these types of monkeys known as the Pygmy Marmoset are the smallest monkeys in the world.  They are very cute.

At school we learnt that mammals have hair or fur as a body covering.  They are also warm blooded.  Mammals give live birth to their young and give milk to their babies.

From the reptiles group we saw turtles and also three different snakes.  We really had fun because we had the opportunity to keep the snakes on our shoulders.  One of them,a boa, was yellow and it was very long and heavy.  The others were smaller and had a beautiful, brown pattern.

At school we learnt that reptiles are cold blooded.  Their body covering is made up of scales and they lay eggs.

We also saw some fish in a pond and we gave them food to eat.  Fish are also cold blooded and their skin covering is made of scales.  They have fins to help them to swim and gills to take oxygen.

From this outing we learnt more about the different animal groups and we really had fun.  We really hope to have more interesting outings!