Piccoli Autori Crescono

The week of the 20th and 25th October 2014 is the “XIV Settimana della Lingua nel Mondo”.

L’istituto di Cultura (Valletta) organised an activity: “Piccoli Autori Crescono” for Maltese and Gozitan students from Forms 1 and 2.  The aim was to promote creativity in the Italian Language.  Five students (Matteo Bonavia – 104; Jake Falzon – 106; Kelsey Vassallo – 103; Kylie Marmara’ – 106 and Abigail Borg – 204) were chosen for this task, in which they were given twenty words (in Italian) and write a short story using ten words and illustrate it through a drawing.

This outing took place on Friday 17th October 2014 at the University of Malta.  This coming Thursday, 23rd October, the winners will be announced in a ceremony taking place at the “Istituto di Cultura” Valletta.   On the day, the ambassador S.E. Giovanni Umberto De Vito; will be handing out the top prizes to the selected winners.

All our students have done their best to participate in this event and we wish them the best of luck!

Piccoli Autori Crescono 1 Piccoli Autori Crescono 2 Piccoli Autori Crescono 3