Park tal-Majjistral Outing

On the 10th of November, students from classes 101,102 and 103 went on an educational outing to Il-Park tal-Majjistral. Upon arrival the students were greeted by a guide who works at the park. The outing was split into two parts, with the first part being a walk through the various parts of the park together with our guide. Whilst following the path, there were occasional spots where the students learnt about various indigenous plants in Malta, as well as other types of flora and fauna which are protected in the park. We also saw the old shooting range which was used by English soldiers.

The guide explained to the students how to distinguish between a female and a male carob tree as we walked along. The students also saw various wild herbs, including rosemary and the Maltese Thyme. They got the opportunity to smell the plants and learn to distinguish them.

During our walk, the students were also able to see at first hand the layers of rock which make up the Maltese islands whilst passing near the cliffs which surround the park. Our walk ended near Golden Bay were the students could see the breathtaking views of our beautiful Maltese Islands.

Upon returning to the park entrance the students saw an educational video which gave them more information about other areas of the park which we did not see due to the considerable size of the park. Students were also given a leaflet with more information about the site. Il-Park Tal-Majjistral is open and free to the general public, so we suggest you all go and visit! It’s definitely a walk worth taking!