Oz – Somewhere Over the Rainbow Prize Day 2013

Oz  –   Somewhere Over the Rainbow 

Oz Full with white background

On the day of the great nuclear accident, the land known as Oz has been made magical but invisible to the rest of the world which didn’t care much about it anyway. Its people have been gifted with special powers but also with an odd perspective. Their tales have come to us through those who have accidentally ended up there and eventually made it back.

Now, as we return to visit Oz years later, we uncover the harsh reality behind the myths; that in this fairyland, the beautiful is not necessarily the good and that evil is not so easily destroyed.

Somewhere over the rainbow, there may still be hope, but definitely there are politics, conflicts, hate, pain, pretend, and desire to dominate.


Albert Garzia


Tip   / Ozma Francesca   Cutajar
Jack Sherise Attard
Mombi Ann Marie Calleja
Galinda Rebecca Briffa
Elphaba Jodie Powell
Fiyero Shazel Guzman
General Pearl Agius
Jinjur Maria Mifsud
Tik Iona Saillard
Tok Roanna Muscat
Jellia Miriana Cocker
Herald Nicole Mifsud
Newscaster Elaine Vidal
Army   of Revolt / Dancers Ritienne   CallejaDaniela Magro   ContiAdielle Suban

Miraine   Mercieca

Ludivine   O’Toole

Emma Elena   Cilia

Cheryl   Scicluna

Louisanne   Borg

Crowd Chantelle   SammutMichelle   FarrugiaYasmin Aswid

Francesca   Bartolo

Nicole   Formosa

Nicole   Camilleri

Nicole   Hatherly

Nicole   Marie Grech

Noella   Vella

Alexia Sharif   Hamed

Backstage Nicole BriffaYanica CassarKirstel   Giusti

Rachelle   Vassallo

Elaine Vidal



Production   Team:
Stage Director Mr. Albert Garzia
Acting Mr. Albert GarziaMr. Andre` Penza
Choreographer Ritienne Calleja
Costume Coordinators Ms. Carmen Borg CataniaMs. Georgina FenechMs. Lynne Moffett
Make-up Coordinators Ms. Gwen DesiraMs. Sharon ScerriMs. Corinna Baldacchino

Sarah Calleja

Sound and Lights Mr. Albert GarziaMs. Roberta CaruanaMs. Lynne Moffett
Prop Designers Mr. Albert GarziaMr. Joe Micallef
Script Writer Mr. Albert Garzia
Stage Hands Mr. Joe BriffaMs. Daniela DimechMr. Joe Montebello

Ms. Christine Pace

Ms. Claudia Sciberras



Thanks also to Ms. Annabelle Borg Gaffarena for her support, and to Mr. Keith Galea and Mr. Joe Vella for their suggestions and help.


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