Our Partner School in Germany – Gymnasium Dionysanium

220px-Gym_dionysianum_hauptportalGymnasium Dionysianum is situated in the north-west of Germany.

It’s a secondary school which teaches pupils from year 5 (10 years old) to year 12 (about 18 years old). The building shows that it has got a very long tradition. Pupils have been taught at this school for 352 years now. At the moment, there are about 950 pupils at this school (boys and girls). The school has recently been extended and has now a very modern part.

The school choir and the orchestra are well-known. People love listening to them when they play in the hall. Pupils can also join the theatre group or take part in lots of competitions. Apart from that we’ve got film clubs and regularly celebrate school parties.

Another characteristic of the school is also that pupils of year 8 and 9 have the chance to learn Geography, Social Studies and History by just using the English language in class. Other foreign languages that are taught are French, Latin and Spanish.   

The school takes students on exchanges to , and even ! Two years ago the whole school with all its pupils and teachers and a lot of parents travelled to for one week. That was a really exciting event! 

What some pupils of this school really enjoy is that they have come in touch with pupils from our school . They hope that these contacts will last for a long time!  

All in all, Gymnasium Dionysianum is a very friendly school with a very good atmosphere – pupils, teachers and parents get along with each other very well and really enjoy belonging to this school.