Mid-Day Break Activities

All students are invited to participate in the many educational and entertainment activities that are being organised for them by several teachers. Besides learning and enjoying themselves, participation in these activities is featured in the students’ Secondary School Certificate and Profile.

If you would like to participate, please contact the organising teachers as activities will be starting as from Monday 12th October.

Activity Room Teacher Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Choir Block E Mr. Cefai
Ms. Mizzi Gatt
Mr. Farrugia
Ms. Vella
x x
Handball Ground Ms. Camilleri x x
Volleyball Ground Ms. Desjardins x x
Catholic Religion through Expressive Arts
C12 Ms. Frendo
Ms. Galea
Students’ Council A03 Ms. Farrugia
Ms. Spiteri
x x
Football Ground Mr. Azzopardi x x x
Dinja Waħda Club Wild Life Garden Ms. Baldacchino x
German Club E12 Ms. Dimech x x x x
Italian Film Club Form 3 A04 Ms. Zammit
Ms. Balzan Mangion
Italian Film Club Form 4 A04 Ms. Barbara
Ms. Zammit
Ms. Scicluna
Italian Film Club Form 5 A04 Mr. Catania
Ms. Scicluna
Programming Lab 3 Mr. Vella x x x
Murals, Prize Day, Exhibitions
Art Room Ms. Baldacchino
Ms. Debattista
x x x x x