Meeting for Parents, Guardians and Year 7 Students

Dear Parents / Guardians

First of all, welcome to our school.  Your children are at the onset of a new educational journey in which we will help them out to reach their full potential for success.  With this aim in mind, we as a school are committed to give the best education possible whilst integrating core values and principles, which are necessary to help children become healthy, functioning citizens.

To achieve this goal we need your help as parents/guardians.  We have a common aim, that of offering our students the best possible learning experience. Therefore, we would like to invite you to participate in an introductory meeting which will be held on Tuesday,  6th September, 2016 at 19.00 in the School’s Concert Hall.

Poster - Laqgha Genituri Form 1

We value your attendance since during this meeting you will be briefed about important procedures pertaining to our school.  On the day, you can also buy the school diary and the use of the locker for two scholastic years.

 Attendance will be recorded.  May I kindly remind you to dress appropriately.  No food or drinks are allowed in the hall.

 In the meantime, we look forward to meeting you and start this important milestone in your child’s educational life.  Students are requested to come for this meeting.


Annabelle Borg Gaffarena
Head of School