La Francofête

March 20th is La Journée Internationale de la Francophonie, an international day celebrated by French-speaking countries.

Maltese students of French celebrate this day thanks to the Francofête activities which are organised by the Education Division (the Centre Franco-Maltais de Documentation et de Recherche), the Alliance Française de Malte and the French Embassy. These activities are held every year for all State, Church and Independent Schools in Malta and Gozo.
This year’s Francofête activites were held on Tuesday 8th April at San Ġorg Preca Boys Secondary School in Hamrun. Three activities were organized:
i. the creation of a poster for Form 1 students;
ii. the creation of a card for Form 2 students;
iii. two separate quizzes, one for Form 3 students and another for Form 4 students.
Form 1 and Form 2 students prepared the poster and the card at home, with the guidance of their teachers, and their work was judged by appointed persons at the French Resource Centre. The two quizzes took place on the 8th of April in front of an audience consisting of teachers and students who came from the different colleges. The French Ambassador, the Attaché culturel and a representative of the Education Division were also present.
The students participating in the two quizzes were grouped by lots into teams of two students coming from different colleges. This year the student representing our Form 3 students of French was Melania Apap and she took part in the quiz with her team mate from Naxxar Boys Secondary School. The student representing our Form 4 students of French was Abigail Callus and she was teamed up with a boy from St. Edward’s College. The students had to complete a quiz consisting of multiple-choice questions that had to be answered as quickly as possible. The questions were based on French culture and language which both form part of the French syllabus.

Both Melania Apap and Abigail Callus showed determination and ability when tackling the questions during the quiz. Our school would like to thank and congratulate both students for their participation. Furthermore we are pleased to announce that Abigail Callus placed first in this prestigious Francofête quiz together with her team mate who attends St.Edward’s College. Congratulations!
At the end of the quiz the final part of this activity consisted of a prize-giving ceremony. Certificates were distributed to all students who participated. Prizes were awarded to students who placed first, second and third in the different categories. Abigail Callus was awarded a certificate and a book prize. She was also awarded a Mdina Glass trophy which is to be kept for six months by our school and for another six months by St. Edward’s College who was teamed up with our school during the quiz.
Well done to all the students who participated!