Kreattiv Project

Over the course of a semester, Guerrilla Ltd. collaborated with students of Blata l-Bajda Middle School to produce a Mobile Augmented Reality Video Game. During these practical and theoretical lectures, pupils were exposed to a practical tasks such as Creative Research, Moodboards, Prototype Sketching, Sculpting, 3D Modelling, Texture Painting, Gaming, 2D Animation and Augmented Reality.

 Kreattiv Project Kreattiv Project Kreattiv Project Kreattiv Project DSC_4576 (1) Kreattiv Project

By bridging the gap between real world art and digital interactive experiences, we aspired to equip participants with a foundation skill set which can be applied within a variety of professions. In doing so we wished to give students an introduction to some of the skills within the technological sector of the creative industry.

This was made possible by the Art Council under their KREATTIV grant. Said scheme brings educators and creative practitioners in dialogue and collaboration while encouraging students and educators towards further engagement within the creative sector. KREATTIV aims to bring creative practitioners into schools to work with teachers and students to inspire, learn and create in a collaborative and innovative way.

Mr S. Sultana
Art Teacher