Kamaja – Life Skills Programme

October saw the start of an exciting adventure for 18 of our Year 8 students, as they embarked on a Life Skills Programme at Kamaja Outdoor Adventure which is going to run throughout the year.  They are covering 2 modules designed specifically for them. These modules are titled Finding Your Way Through Adventure Education and The Implications of Risk-Taking Through Adventure Education. These modules incorporate different skills, like understanding physical abilities through military training and discipline; discovering ways with maps, compasses and orienteering; abseiling and understanding the risks of heights, dealing with risks in contemporary society and in the wilderness, and also limiting risks when using knots, rope work, lashing and safety equipment.

Students are going to be assessed continuously. Since each module is made up of a number of short units, students who are unable to complete the whole module but are successful in the short units will be awarded the SLC certification of that specific unit complete with its learning outcomes. The MQF 2 and its ECTS units are achieved when the students complete a whole module.

Ms C. Seguna
Assistant Head in charge of alternative learning programmes