Kafè Kultura

Last year’s Multicultural Day, a celebration of the diversity at our school, was a success. Participation was high, especially from parents, and it helped to inject some colour both during and after the activity, with the flags used on the day becoming a permanent fixture in Block C.

This year, the school decided to expand this activity. Now named ‘Kafè Kultura’, it took place over two days to enable the students to better savour the sights and smells on offer. Twelve languages and cultures were represented; the languages included the usual suspects such as Italian, French and German, but Hungarian, Brazilian, and Thai, spoken by some of our students, were also represented. The largest contingent was probably the Middle Eastern one, with the bright-coloured costumes pleasing the eye on one side of the hall and the exotic smells tantalising our palates on the other.

Equal weight was given to both the linguistic and the traditional aspects of the various cultures being represented. The organising committee decided that this year the food stands should be kept separate from the presentation stands to avoid giving the impression that food was the primary focus of the activity. Students presented the talks they had prepared about various topics; for example, the Maltese department presented information and artefacts related to traditional games, while the students at the English stand talked about historical British events such as the Plague of 1665 and the Great Fire of London in the following year.

This did not mean that the culinary aspect was lacking, however: apart from the already-mentioned Arab, Pakistani and Indian food stands, the European stands offered more well-known but nonetheless delicious treats for the discerning palate.

Invaluable help was provided by the Migrant Learners Unit under the aegis of the Global Education project, and Missio Malta, who worked with the school on a crafts project, set up their own stand. Here’s to an even bigger festival next year!

Mr S. Zammit
HoD English


A word from Mr Robert Cilia, EO Migrant Learners Unit

First of all, allow me to show my appreciation for being invited to attend this event.

It was a pleasure to notice how involved the students were. The presence of parents on some of the stands provided evidence of what is meant when we speak of ‘school community’. All students had excellent presentation skills and some were truly impressive in the confidence with which they spoke. Last but not least, the happiness and pride on the faces of the students is a recognition of the work that you are doing in what could be a challenging sector of the education system.  Your efforts in this regard are much appreciated.