Interesting Facts about Germany


Fact 1Over   82 million persons living in Germany and therefore it is one of the most   densely populated countries in the world. However the Germans have succeeded   in keeping almost 1/3 (31%) of the country covered with forests and  woodlands. And, as you rarely see buildings on top of the mountains, you have   the feeling of being surrounded by green vegetation and of wilderness close   by. Which makes Germany one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.




 Fact 2 In   Germany there is one of the best public transport systems in the world.  However a lot of Germans own a car.  They simply love cars!  Just think of famous German cars such as   BMW, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.  On the   Autobahn (highway) one can drive at 300 km per hour!!


Fact 3Germans   really do love beer.  Beer is   officially considered a food in Bayern.    The normal size of a beer glass in Bavaria is the 1 litre glass.  The Oktoberfest is the biggest beer   festival in the world.  This festival   takes place in the city of Munich, in Bavaria.  Bavaria has the oldest Brewery in Germany   still in operation.  It was founded in   1040 by the Benedictine monks in Freising.    It is called the Weihenstephan Brewery.  In Germany beer is very cheap, but it is   not easy to choose a beer, as there are over 1,500 different sorts of beer in   Germany.




Fact 4In   Germany, you can practically take your dog everywhere with you:  in the restaurant, on trains and buses,   bookstores, etc.  But you cannot take   it in the Metzgerei (butcher).  There   are even pools for dogs


      a4 Fact 5Germans   do not sleep between two sheets. They like to sleep with one sheet underneath   and a duvet directly on top of them. And their pillows are not rectangular:   they like big very fluffy and soft square pillows.


Fact 6 In   Germany one can find hundreds of castles. Some of them have been changed into   hotels or restaurants.  Others have   been left in ruins.  Others are still   the home of noble families.  The most   famous castle in Germany is castle Neuschwanstein, a 19th century   castle, which lies on a hill above the village of Hohenschwangau, in   Bavaria.  It is assumed that more than   1.3 million people visit this castle every year, up to 6000 people per day in   summer. 




 Fact 7 There are over 1,500 types of   sausages, such as the Frankfurters (milder), Nuremberg (which are served   barbequed) and Bavaria sausages (white). 
Fact 8 The first cuckoo clock was made   in Germany in the early 17th century.    The world’s largest cuckoo clock (as reported in the Guiness Book of   records) can be seen in the small Black Forest town of Schönach.  


    a8 Fact 9It took more than 632 years   (from 1248 to 1880) to build Germany’s most popular tourist attraction, the   Cologne Cathedral.


 Fact 10 Germany   is a home to the Ulm Cathedral, the tallest church in the world, which is 161.53 meters (530 feet) high. 




 Fact 11Germany has over 300 kinds of bread!