Horse-riding at Sunflower Stables

Two groups of students from Form 1 and Form 2 were given the opportunity to take part in equestrian activities held at the Sunflower Stables in Maghtab.   They were given information about horse care and management.  This EU-funded Project was spread over four days.

On the first day the groups were taken up to the arena where they learned how to ride a horse. Students were also taught about ground handling.  They learned how to hold a horse from the ground, learned about the safe and dangerous positions when near a horse and learned how to give a horse a treat from their hands.

On the second day students watched short educational video clips on horse behaviour and horse grooming. Then they had the opportunity to groom a horse or pony.

On the third day, students watched short educational video clips on how to do a horse’s bedding, what horses eat/drink, how to know if a horse is sick, why exercise is important for horses and the various sport disciplines that exist in the Equestrian world. Afterwards, they learned how to clean a horse’s bed.

On the fourth day students participated in games on horseback in the arena.

Students who participated in these activities felt very lucky to have been given this opportunity.  These equestrian activities enhanced a range of life skills in the students involved.  It was more than just an enjoyable activity.  Handling, riding, and caring for a horse or pony helped the students develop positive traits like responsibility, patience, level-headedness, empathy, kindness and self-discipline.

Ms D. Dimech