Grow 10 Trees Project

“The Grow 10 Trees” is a Scout Association in Malta embarking on a mission to make the Maltese islands greener. The members within this group appreciate the value of trees and the environment around us for various reasons. Example when we go camping or hold out-doors activities, the first thing we usually look for is the presence of trees, either to shade us from the sun or else because it is after all our love for nature and being outdoors. But unfortunately this love is not reflected by the majority of the Maltese people and it is easy to notice that we lack love towards trees. And this is the reason why Malta is void of trees. For this reason “The Grow 10 Trees” is asking groups of people to participate in a scheme where each member will grow a number of local trees and plants from seeds. This should not be a one time event, but a yearly process to provide a continuous stock of local trees. Within two years from sprouting, these trees can be planted in areas within the group’s locality. As per calculations, if example about 1000 scouts can individually manage to sow at least 5 seeds a year, this will give a flow of 5000 trees per annum which will be enough to cover an area equal to 9 full size football pitches every year. Sowing is the first step: once they sprout, the trees need a bit of watering twice a week in the dry season. After 2 years the small trees can then be used for afforestation.

On Sunday 18th February 2018 members from “The Grow 10 Trees” are coming to our school to plant around 100 trees on our school premises. The intention is to create spaces for our students and staff to enjoy and also to create a green lung in an urban area like Ħamrun. Students are going to “adopt” a tree and water it regularly. This will help students to love their environment and nature itself.


And remember .. if you want to join “The Grow 10 Trees” project, you are more than welcomed! And if you already have trees that you have been growing or else that you would like to see planted, contact this group soon! You can find more information on this group on their Facebook group The “GROW 10 TREES” Project via link

Ms C. Seguna
Assistant Head of School