French Treasure Hunt

As in previous years, the ‘Centre Franco-Maltais de Documentation et de Recherche’ organised another activity related to the ‘Journée de la Francophonie’, celebrated annually on the 20th March. This year’s activity for all State and Non-State schools for Year 8 students was held on Tuesday 10th March. The activity organised was a ‘Treasure Hunt’ at Mdina. Our school participated in this activity and was represented by ten Year 8 students. The enthusiastic students together with their teachers were met at Mdina Gate and were given three sheets of paper with several questions to be answered. To do so, the students had to run around the silent city of Mdina. The task had to be carried out in 55 minutes so the students had to be quick. Suddenly, the silent city was full of youths rushing around its narrow mysterious streets!

At the end of the activity, the students from all the different participating schools went to St. Nicholas Middle School in Rabat on foot for the prize-giving ceremony. Students and teachers enjoyed this activity as it was well-organised and students benefited from this educational outing. Not only did they enrich their knowledge of the French language, but they also discovered a lot of interesting facts about the history of Malta’s old capital city, Mdina.

Ms L. Vella
French Teacher