Fieldwork at Buskett

As part of their science curriculum, the Year 8 students visited the Buskett habitat and its surroundings. On arrival the students walked towards the garigue habitat where they were divided into groups. Each group had various observations to note, including the plant and animal species adapted to live in the garigue. They identified the aromatic herbs including the wild thyme and several orchid species. They also discussed forms of human interference and pollution and how these affect this habitat. The students spent a couple of minutes doing the silent exercise and enjoying the relative quiet of the countryside. The more artistic and talented students produced detailed drawings of some plant species.

The students then had a well-deserved and extended break and walked towards the Buskett woodland. Here they identified the woodland trees including the Aleppo pine, the oak and the carob trees. A short discussion followed where the students suggested different reasons for this variety of species as compared to the dryness of the garigue habitat. They also remarked on the difference in noise pollution. Here they could appreciate the chirping and tweeting of birds. They completed their fill in worksheet on site.

Science Department