Esplora Science Outing

On arriving at Esplora, one cannot overlook the amazing view of the Grand Harbour and the wonderful fortifications surrounding the site in Kalkara. Esplora contains different exhibits which cater for different ages and abilities of students. Some of the exhibits favoured by the students were the ‘Hydrogen Rocket’, ‘Pirate Ship’ and the ‘Simulated Tornado’. The students had a blast in the ‘mirror room’, which contained mirrors of different shapes and angles.

After exploring the exhibits, the students were given a break. Some enjoyed the warm sun while others ate snacks from the cafeteria. Later, the students were taken to a lab where a number of experiments were demonstrated. Not only were these experiments entertaining and engaging, but they were also related to the Year 7 LOF Science Curriculum. However, I was not thrilled when the animators asked me to stand in front of the students, before pouring bubbles into my palms and lighting the bubbles on fire. The best part was when the animators burnt a balloon filled with explosive Hydrogen.

Ms Sheryl Xerri
Integrated Science teacher