Discovering Malta, our home!

As part of a Global Education project called “Living together is cool!”, migrant students went on outings to explore Mdina and Valletta. We visited Mdina, the Silent City, on a cold but sunny day at the end of January, after learning about our old capital city during our lessons. There we learned some more about our history, especially through the treasure hunt, for which we were divided into 3 groups. We all did our best to win the treasure hunt, finding information about historical buildings and taking many pictures, which we really enjoyed! Some of us thought we looked weird wearing the yellow bandanas, but our teacher insisted we had to; maybe she thought we would get lost in the winding, narrow streets! We ended our outing with a picnic and some games at Buskett, a woodland area close to Mdina, which was new to most of us. We had a great time, as you can see in the pictures, and we begged to have a second outing.

The next outing was for a smaller group, in February, and this time we visited Valletta, after preparation during lessons. We took the public bus, using tallinja cards kindly sponsored by HSBC. Taking the bus was already a new experience for some of us. Once past the magnificent Triton Fountain and inside the city, we had a short tour and then we were kindly invited to Malta 5D, a spectacular multimedia show about the history of Malta. It was impressive: we felt we were really living Maltese history, with the vivid images, the loud explosions and the moving seats! We then had a short stop at Barrakka Gardens, to prepare for our Map Quest. For this activity, we were divided in three groups and we had to follow the map in order to find certain important buildings and take pictures of them. We discovered that maps can really be useful after all! We ended our quest at Pjazza San Ġorġ, after which we had a guided tour of the Grand Masters’ Palace and Armoury. Some of us had many questions as they were curious about the old swords, guns and suits of armour. Can you imagine walking around the streets of Valletta dressed in a heavy suit of armour? We also loved the luxurious palace rooms upstairs and we tried to imagine how living in a palace would feel!

After that, it was time to go to visit the mother of one of our students, Gabriele, at her restaurant, La Cantina della Siciliana. We were glad to sit down in the welcoming pizzeria, and she very kindly prepared delicious pizzas and drinks for us. What a wonderful surprise! Grazie mille, it was a great ending to a very active morning!

We enjoyed exploring both places, because we can now appreciate our history better, and we also got to know new students from other countries during these outings. Yes, it’s true, “Living together is cool!”

Ms M. Consiglio
Migrants Unit