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I would like to begin by wishing all students, parents and guardians a very warm welcome. It is an honour and a privilege for me as Head of School to lead this school community. I am confident that our students will find our school to be a bright and friendly place and that their time spent here will be both rewarding and enjoyable. We want each and every student at our school to know that they are valued and that they have tremendous worth.

We are committed to provide a student-centered learning environment which will allow every child to progress at their own pace while ensuring a holistic education and equal opportunities for all. We offer our students exciting and engaging learning experiences which take place both in the classroom and beyond, in the wider community. The calendar year at our school is bursting with a colorful range of activities which are spread throughout the year, including theatrical productions, fund raising events, sports events, competitions and outings. For more information about life at our school I encourage you to visit our website, our Facebook and Twitter pages which are regularly updated with news and events.

We strongly believe in forging strong ties between the school and the parents. We view education as a partnership between teachers and parents who work together and maintain regular communication to ensure that the students are working to their full potential.

I am also available to any parent who wishes to speak to me directly. If you wish to do so, please contact the school and an appointment will be set at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website which provides just a taste of the engaging activities that our students experience on a daily basis.

Ms A. Borg Gaffarena
Head of School

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The history of our school dates back for more than half a century. It was originally found in Malta’s capital city Valletta and was then formally known as a Grammar school. The school as we know it today opened its doors for the first time on 1st October 1959, when a group of 811 students attended for the first time. In the 70s the school dropped its former ‘Grammar School’ title being transformed into a Secondary School until 1981, when it finally became a Junior Lyceum.

The school premises were quite smaller back in 1959, when only three blocks existed: the main block, the practical block and the science block. Later, another two blocks were built and on the 26th of June 1967 the Greek theatre which greatly enhanced the ethos of the school, was inaugurated.

The first head of school was Ms. Concetta Borg Calleja. Since between October and April students had to attend school on a whole day basis, it was possible to hold a great variety of activities during the midday break.

Thursday the 9th of December 1965 was a memorable day for the school. On the eve of her retirement, Ms Concetta Sammut, head of school, donated a huge statue of Maria Regina to the school. The statue is the work of the sculptor Ganni Bonnici. A ceremony was held to commemorate the occasion and Dr Antonio Paris, Minister of Education and the Director Chavalier J.P. Vassallo were among the distinguished guests. The statue was blessed by his Grace Bishop Emmanuel Galea.

During the 70s, when secondary education was introduced for all, Maria Regina became an Area Secondary School. When the Junior Lyceum was introduced in September 1981, Maria Regina became the first Junior Lyceum for girls, with Ms Ninette Borg Grech as headmistress.

In 1984, Ms Mary Vella was appointed headmistress. Other Junior Lyceums continued to be opened throughout Malta. In 1995, Ms Carmen Bonello became head until 2003. After that, Ms Maria Debono was appointed headmistress until 2008. That year the school celebrated its 50th anniversary. A thanksgiving mass was celebrated and a reunion was held for all students who attended the school throughout the years since its foundation.

In 2008, the school began to form part of St. Ignatius College. The Junior Lyceum students were phased out and it later formed part of San Ġorġ Preca College. In 2008, Mr Victor Agius became headmaster until 2013. Mr Emile Vassallo replaced him that year until 2016.

Today it has become a middle and mixed school with a population of over three hundred students and a teaching staff of over ninety teachers and LSEs. The school is one of twelve schools, both primary, secondary and resource centre forming Kulleġġ San Ġorġ Preca. It acts as a receiving school for boys and girls hailing from Valletta, Floriana, Marsa, Pieta’, Hamrun and Paola. Students in forms 4 and 5 have been phased out in the last two scholastic years. Ms Annabelle Borg Gaffarena was appointed in 2016 and is the present headmistress.

Ms N. Bonett


San Ġorġ Preca College comprises the primary schools of Floriana, Ħamrun (GP), Ħamrun (SS), Marsa, Paola ‘A’, Paola ‘B’, Pieta’ and Valletta. The secondary schools Ħamrun Boys (Il-Liċeo), San Gorg Preca Education Hub together with Guardian Angel Secondary Education Resource Centre and our school also form part of our college. Mr James Camilleri is the College Principal.

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gorg-precaĠorġ Preca was born in Valletta, Malta, on 12 February 1880. He was the seventh of nine children. Early in his childhood, his family moved to Ħamrun, where he started serving Mass as an altar boy. Preca studied at the Lyceum, considered the pre-eminent secondary school in the island. Preca then entered seminary, where he excelled, especially in Latin. He was eventually ordained a deacon. However, he was subsequently diagnosed as suffering from lung failure. The prognosis was not good, and he was even discouraged from buying vestments or a missal in preparation for the priesthood. However, he made remarkable recovery, and was ordained on 22 December 1906. Preca attributed his cure to the intercession of Saint Joseph, and even joked later in his life that “My father has died, the professor has died and I, with just one lung, am still alive to teach people! Read more.


Learning is the Source of all Wealth.


We strongly believe that the school environment should be one where students feel protected, accepted and understood. We strive to develop our students’ diverse abilities to their full potential. Our aim is to recognize such values and work together in harmony and mutual respect. We take great responsibility in our work and the students’ work. Such values, together with parents’ cooperation should serve as excellent foundations for our students’ future success and for them to become dutiful citizens within our society and country.


Dear students and parents/guardians,

In this booklet you will find guidelines with regards to the expected behaviour by students attending the Secondary School in Blata l-Bajda, San Gorg Preca College. These guidelines aim to give students an education built on the basic value of RESPECT.
Sections from these guidelines discuss the uniform and the way it should be worn. This may seem irrelevant for some and you may ask “ Won’t I still be learning, however I wear my uniform?” This may be true, but as students you represent our school and the uniform identifies this and you should be proud of it. In this booklet, we also discuss what is expected of you during lessons and activities. Last but not least, these guidelines clearly state which objects are not permitted in school. All this is done in order for you students to receive the best possible education.
We are convinced that we have the full cooperation and support of the parents/guardians and that you shall do your best to see that your children adhere to the guidelines. Our common aim is one – that we want to instil into your children sound values for them to grow into responsible citizens in the future.

Click here to download the Code of Behavior 2017-2018

Ms. Annabelle Borg Gaffarena
Head of School


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