Cooking Sessions by Subject Teachers in the LSZ

shopping and cooking hot dogs lesson

This year we opened up our Learning Support Zone Premises to other teachers.  Having a fully functionable kitchen, teachers could carry out activities which would  reinforce material  they were teaching in class.  Ms. Lorraine Farrugia, teacher of Maltese, brought over her class on several occasions.  Her students prepared a healthy breakfast on one occasion and hotdogs on another.   Ms. Farrugia gave us a lot of positive feedback regards the mentioned sessions.  She told us that following these activities, her relationship with the students improved.  The girls had to work for having this treat in the Learning Zone, and consequently good behaviour was been encouraged.  Mr. Adrian Catania, teacher of Italian, too used the LSZ premises to put  into practice vocabulary used during Italian lessons.  In the first session, his students prepared Italian bruschette using pomodori, olio d’oliva, sale e pepe and aglio.  In the second session, the girls prepared a pizza which they thoroughly enjoyed!