Class 209 visits Arka ta’ Noe

Class 209 visited L-Arka ta’ Noe (Noah’s Ark) in Siggiewi on the 26th May 2017. The students were very excited to see all the animals that are held at this animal park. Students were kindly supplied with unshelled peanuts to feed some of the animals and given a tour of the park.

Arka ta' Noe Arka ta' Noe Arka ta' Noe

Students saw many interesting and beautiful animals such as owls, laamas, parrots, rabbits, monkeys, birds of many types such as tropical birds, peacocks and love birds, goats, horses, many kinds of chickens that were roaming free, deer, tigers and black leopards, a donkey, a kangaroo and a zebra. Students had a very pleasant time learning about the animals and took many photos of the animals themselves. It was a fun and enriching educational experience.

Arka ta' Noe

Arka ta' Noe Arka ta' Noe Arka ta' Noe

Ms D. Calleja
English Teacher