Budding Rockstars

On the 16th November 2017, Noelene Magro, Britney Vella and I went on an outing called Budding Rockstars organised by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA). We were chosen based on our results in the previous year’s business studies exam. It was held at the Hilton Hotel in St Julian’s. There were lots of young influencers such as Peter Grech from BRNDWGN, Zack Ciappara from ‘Freehour’, and Martina Zammit and Rachel Cachia from ‘V-Squared’. They shared their stories about how they became entrepreneurs and how we can become ones too!

We also had a group activity where we were asked to advertise an app or a place with the subject they gave us. It was a great way to get us to know more people and make new friends. Then we had our break, during which we had to vote for the best invention. There was also lots of food provided by the hotel. After the break we went to the main hall so that the judges could decide which proposed invention was the best. The judges were Julian Azzopardi from the ‘Junior Achievement Young Enterprise’, Leonie Baldacchino from the ‘Edward De Bono Institute’, Alex Borg from the ‘MITA Innovation Hub’, and Jarek Bialek from ‘Startup Weekend Malta’.

During this activity we gained first-hand knowledge about starting a company and what problems one might face in doing so. It was a different kind of experience, and one which we won’t easily forget. It certainly gave us the motivation to start our own business in future.

Julia Zammit
Head Girl