Brieffreunde eTwinning Project

Students in Year 7 and in Year 8 taking German as a Foreign Language are taking part in an eTwinning Project called Brieffreunde, which means Penpals. There are five schools from five different European countries taking part in this project – Slovakia, Poland, Finland, Spain, and Malta.

The aim of this project is to help students realise the importance of learning German as a means of communication, and to motivate them to use the language to make new friends. The students use the computer labs to upload material on the Twinspace with the help of Mr Abner Bugeja. They have uploaded information about themselves, their cities and the school. They use different apps to be able to make the Twinspace more interesting. Students have the opportunity to send messages to their partners in the other countries. For Christmas we sent each partner school some cards which were handmade by one of our students, Chantelle Micallef. We also sent them Christmas decorations made of wood, which we made in the Design and Technology Lab with the help of Mr Mario Saliba. Our students, in turn, were happy to receive greetings from the other partner schools.

The students also had the opportunity to vote for the logo of the project. The logos were submitted by students in the various schools. We had two entries in the competition, one by Chester Raynsford and one by Nigel Spiteri. We were very happy that the entry by Chester Raynsford placed second in the competition.

Ms D. Dimech
German Teacher