Boat Trip

On Wednesday 30th May, a group of Form 1 students were invited to B’Bugia Sailing club by Mr Joe Briffa, a Maths teacher at our school who also happens to be the commodore of the sailing club.

The students were taken on a guided boat trip, starting from Pretty Bay and touring all around the Birzebbuga – Marsaxlokk harbour. Mr. Briffa pinpointed sights of interest all along the way: the B’Bugia parish Church Steeple, the End of Cold War Memorial, Qajjenza Bay, Bengħisa Reef and Fort Saint Lucian amongst others. The view of Marsaxlokk bay filled with so many colourful luzzu was a breathtaking sight.

Mr. Briffa also passionately explained some elementary seamanship skills involving the use of a wind vane for navigation.

The blend of warm sun rays and cool sea breeze was a very refreshing feeling. All the passengers on board couldn’t help letting out cries of joy whenever the dingy gained some speed and started bouncing up and down on the waves and spraying water all over them.

Back on land, teachers and LSEs teamed up together to prepare some delicious pasta bolognese to satisfy everyone’s hunger pangs. The following ice-cream surprise was the crowning glory of this wonderful day for at the students.

Heartfelt thanks to Mr Joe Briffa and Birzebbuga Sailing Club Freeport for this wonderful experience.