BirdLife Project

During the past few months the students of classes 107 and 108 have had the privilege of taking part in a pilot project offered by BirdLife Malta. Every week students are visited by BirdLife representatives on a Friday during English and Maltese lessons in order to participate in sessions in the school grounds. As we all know, our grounds are beautiful and full of plants, trees, flowers, herbs and other forms of wildlife such as birds and insects. During these sessions, students and the teachers accompanying them learned a great deal about nature and about caring for and understanding nature.

Students learned to listen to the sounds of nature and make sound maps, search for insects and document their finds, identify different animals, plants and trees, make bird-tables and bird-houses, correctly plant seeds and till the soil, as well as participate in many other games and activities which were very interactive and fun for them.

It has been a very successful project which has taught students to use language for communication while learning ecology, science and appreciation for nature itself and their surroundings. Students have become more aware and knowledgeable about taking care of the environment and the living things that surround them, and it has been a beautiful experience for all those involved.

Ms C. Seguna
Assistant Head