Bil-Qari u l-Kitba Niskorja

A group of 12 students from different Year 8 classes were interviewed to confirm whether they are truly passionate about football. Those selected were then assessed according to their reading level. Those who satisfied the criteria started taking part in the “Bil-Qari u l-Kitba Niskorja” programme.

These students have a weekly football-related reading session with a literacy teacher from the Literacy Board followed by a football session with the Maltese footballer, Gilbert Agius. These are held in the Hamrun Spartans Football Club premises.
Students have their own changing room and equipment and football sessions on the ground.

During the first term, this programme is going to target Year 8
students, while the Year 7 students’ turn will be in the second term. The reading session starts at 14:00 and the football session takes place between 15:00 and 16:00.

Ms C. Seguna
Assistant Head in charge of literacy programmes