Athleta Afterschool Basketball Sessions

Over the past months, all of our students had the opportunity to participate in basketball sessions held during school hours. Those students who are keen on more in-depth training in this sport are participating in an afterschool programme held once a week. These sessions are held within the school premises thanks to a friendly collaboration with one of the nearby local basketball clubs – Gżira Athleta.


The aims of these sessions are to promote physical activity and to increase the population of spectators and followers in relation to the local scene. This collaboration between our school and the community also offers students the opportunity to join this basketball club, become a member, and undergo further specialized training, whilst possibly also competing within the national league.

During these basketball sessions emphasis is placed upon transmitting the values of sport, enjoying oneself within a friendly setting, and learning new skills and techniques whilst developing physical literacy. I must hereby end by highlighting the improvement observed in relation to skill, confidence and teamwork achieved by this group of students. Well done!

Ms L. Camilleri
P.E. teacher