An educational outing for students studying French

January 17th turned out to be a very interesting day for a group of Year 7 and Year 8 students who study French in our school.  This was because they participated in an outing related to their curriculum.

At nine in the morning the students were welcomed at the French Resource Centre (Centre Franco-Maltais) which is located at the Junior College Complex at Msida.  Ms. D. Farrugia, the Education Officer of French, introduced herself and explained to the students how they were going to spend their time at the Centre.  Afterwards, Ms. Helen Sammut, a teacher of French, introduced herself together with Ms. Lucie who is a student of French nationality and who is spending a scholastic year in Malta helping at the Centre.

The students were shown into a spacious room where they participated in an interesting language game.  The aim of the game was to consolidate what the students had already learnt at school: vocabulary, adjectives and sentence building.  The students really enjoyed this game about clothes because they were learning through play in a relaxed environment.

Later the students were led into a kitchen were they assisted and helped Ms. Helen and Ms. Lucie to cook the famous French Pancakes (crêpes).  This activity introduced the students to one of the thirteen French regions called ‘Bretagne’ which is known for its delicious pancakes. The session ended really well because each student was given two pancakes filled with chocolate or jam.  Without doubt everyone enjoyed this part of the activity!

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After a short break the students participated in another enjoyable language game involving musical instruments.  This activity was entertaining and competitive.  After giving the students time to learn the vocabulary the students were divided into two groups.  Ms. Sammut played various sound clips of different musical instruments to which the students had to guess the names, obviously in French. The students found this activity really exciting and engaging.

The aim of the outing was reached because the students enjoyed themselves while learning.  This proves that learning can be fun!  Appreciation goes to the team at the French Resource Centre who welcome us there every year and to our school’s management team who always make it possible for us to participate in such activities.

Ms L. Vella
French Teacher