A Visit to BOV Adventure Park

The progress seen in the 21st century in many technological fields has significantly changed our daily lives over a very short period of time. An indirect result of all these developments is that youngsters are spending less and less time doing outdoor activities in their free time, substituting this with surfing the web, watching TV, chatting online and playing around with various apps on their laptops and smartphones.

During our visit at the Ta’ Qali BOV Adventure Park, screen-addicted youths experienced the bliss of spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature. Students were also thrilled to get the opportunity to play around and socialise. As soon as the midday appetites started kicking in, some of the LSAs started bringing out all sorts of nibbles from their bags which they had specifically packed to share with the students. Many of the students admitted that they had never been on a picnic before, and that this was a first for them. The highlight of the day was an impromptu football match: students versus teachers and LSAs. Drizzling rain and cloudy skies failed to dampen our spirits – the Ta’ Qali area’s only guests were roaring with laughter and screaming with joy.

Ms I. Vella
Organising Teacher