A day at Comino

On the 23rd of March, classes 2.08 and 2.09 spent a day at Comino. The trip started from Cirkewwa, where we took a boat. The boat ride was very exciting and the students really enjoyed it. For some of them it was their first time therefore it was a totally new experience.

The boat driver took us to a trip around Comino to see the caves, and the clear blue water. At around 10am we arrived at Comino, where we started hiking. The students were really impressed especially when seeing the blue lagoon. We walked for a while around Comino, where we visited the tower, the people living on Comino, the cemetery and the building which it used to be a hospital. In each of these places, the students were given a brief summary on the history surrounding the areas.

Comino Comino Comino Comino Comino Comino Comino

The students were given time to enjoy themselves, eat their lunches, play around and relax. At around 1.30pm, the boat came to pick us up. All of us were really tired especially the students, with some of them ended up sleeping on the bus.  It was a really nice experience, the students behaved well and everyone including the teachers enjoyed themselves.

Ms D. Ellul and Ms R. Portelli