Zjarat minn Awturi Maltin

Last week we had a visit from a Maltese author – Roberta Bajada. Some of the students had the opportunity to interview her and analyze different characters we find in books. Thanks to all those who gave a helping hand […] Read more →

Year 8 CCP Activities

Who says only bees are busy?! We at San Gorg Preca College Middle School Blata l-Bajda are all the time on the go … active … creative and having fun! Have a look at the activities with our Year 8 CCP classes: […] Read more →

Waste Recycling

During the Euro Week for Waste Recycling, our school teamed up with Mr Farrugia from Orts Metal Art to raise awareness about the recycling and upcycling of metal. The students had the opportunity to see how one can use scrap metal to […] Read more →

The Crocus Project

The Crocus Project … what’s that?! This Project for young people aged 11 years and over is to remember ALL the children who died in the Holocaust. Our EkoSkola students, like thousands of other young people all over the World, […] Read more →

Clean Up Campaign

We keep our homes clean and tidy and that’s what we do at our school – our second home! On Monday 11th November we organized our first inhouse Clean-up for this scholastic. Due to the bad weather, we had to […] Read more →