Jum Internazzjonali tat-Tifkira tal-Olokawst

Fil-Jum Internazzjonali tat-Tifkira tal-Olokawst qed inġibulkom poeżija miktuba minn Adrian Micallef, ħaddiem ġewwa l-iskola tagħna. Poeżija mill-isbaħ. Grazzi Adrian li għoġbok taqsamha magħna. IL TRENO DELL ETERNITA , IN MEMORIA DELLE VITTIME DELL OLOCAUSTO. Corre il treno.. dove va?? tutti […] Read more →

Visit at Youth Inc Agenzija Zghazagh

Class for 502 had an educational visit at the school Youth Inc Agenzija Zghazagh in St. Venera. This outing’s purpose was to show these form 5 students the options they have once they finish the secondary school.  Youth Inc offers […] Read more →

Alka Ceramics

On Monday 23th January 2017, Class 403 visited Alka Ceramics factory in Ta’ Qali.  Students where given the opportunity to be creative and make their own clay product under the guidance of very experienced tutors. It was a very enriching, […] Read more →

Prince Trust XL Achievement Programme

This scholastic year the school introduced the Prince Trust XL achievement programme which is being coordinated by Ms A. Scicluna and Ms I. Vella.  The aim of this programme is to help disengaged students discover a new way of learning, […] Read more →